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You may find yourself, at any time, as a person or organization, with items you have to ‘offer’ , or items you need.

Once you establish an account here, you will be able to:


  • As a vetted 501c3 charity, (Enroll now), you may enter the needs of your organization (or ring and we’ll enter them for you.)   Once they are found or filled, we will email or contact you to arrange delivery and any special handling.


  • YOU may donate on YOUR terms to charities who are chartered and vetted to perform humanitarian services, mostly in and around your community.  Always needed donations:



  • Entertainers (story tellers, musicians, artists, face painters, magicians, etc)
  • Listeners (sit, comfort,
  • Transportation
  • Volunteers (take direction to accomplish specific tasks, per your schedule as available or as requested.)


  • Services (pro-bono legal, financial, technology, marketing, event-related, and more,


Event:  Venues, printing, decor,

Client and Administrative: office and technology equipment;

Client: Child, adult, home, office, auto , school, medical and related items.

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